Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rocky Point Pictorial: Havin' Fun!

Here are some photos of people having fun in Puerto Penasco! The first three pictures come to us courtesy of Shannon Stevens. The first one is Shannon riding his daughter Shelby slowly around the sand circle behind their house in Las Conchas. The second pic is a cropped version of number 1, showing father and daughter closer up. Number three, from left to right, show friends Sarah Sims, Ben Hartman and Shelby Stevens on the beach at Las Palomas. The kids love going to play at Las Palomas. Don't we all?

The remaining photos demonstrate other people having various kinds of fun outdoors-- from a family day at the beach to parasailing, ultralight rides, waverunners, and of course fishing... Click on the pics to see them BIGGER.

Puerto Penasco Puerto Penasco beach Puerto Penasco
Puerto Penasco Puerto Penasco pelicans Puerto Penasco pelicans
Puerto Penasco pelicans Puerto Penasco pelicansPuerto Penasco pelicans

There's lots of fun to be had indoors, too. Maybe we'll cover that in a future pictorial. Don't you wish you were here today?

If you have pictures or YouTubes you'd like to share, email them to or point me to a website where I can grab them. I'd love to include them in The Tides.

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