Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Slideshow of the Desert Oasis Resort, Rocky Point, MX

NOTE Jan. 11, 2011: The Desert Oasis is closed in its entirety, so enjoy the pics but it's not currently available for lodging, dining, etc. If it should reopen in the future, I'll let you know.

The Desert Oasis Resort, located off the main drag on your way out of town, doesn't get as much attention as the fancy places on the beach so I thought I'd share some random photos of the place. These pics are not new-- taken in 2005 and 2007-- and there is much more to the place now (including a new hotel), but these will give you an idea.

Desert Oasis has a hotel, restaurant, motel, pool, condos, an RV park area and who knows what else has appeared since I was last there. And did I mention it's pet friendly and reasonably priced? It isn't near the beach, but what the heck...?

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