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Monday, April 27, 2009

Songs That Remind You of Mexico

There's a fun thread evolving on City-Data's Mexico forum concerning songs that remind you of Mexico, but I couldn't figure out how to embed videos there (duh). So I just posted links to my choices and thought I'd embed the videos here.

First up, of course, is Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers at Circus Mexicus in Rocky Point May 2007. The song: "Mexico".

Next, the passionate "Volver, volver, volver" ("to return"), sung by Linda Ronstadt (because that's the best version I could find online). Follow me below the fold...

Next, the group "Calexico", yes another non-native-Mexican group, in this case traveling with "Luz de Luna", as great a mariachi band as you'll ever hear. Song: El Picador (live at the Barbican in London -- watch for the drummer) Actually, I like their performance of "Cascabel" better, but it's 7 minutes long...

Do you have favorite songs you'd like to share that remind you of Puerto Penasco or Mexico in general? Put a link to it/them in a comment, and I'll pick them up to embed them here. Why the heck not? Monday is a good day for some music.

Courtesy of MaryB we have Antonio Banderas: Cancion del Mariachi, from the movie "Once Upon a Time in Mexico". You're right, MaryB. It's a fine song and he's easy on the eyes, lol. (thanks for the suggestion!)

Added April 28, courtesy of Swedie, we have James Taylor singing "Mexico". Who doesn't love this song?