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About Rocky Point, Mexico

This is a landing page for information about Puerto Penasco/Rocky Point, Mexico, a small city within the municipality of the same name, lying in the northwestern part of the state of Sonora, Mexico. Located on the shore of the Gulf of California (also known as the Sea of Cortés/Cortez), the town is known for its fishing and tourism industries.

Puerto Peñasco is Rocky Point:
The name Puerto Peñasco derives from 19th century maps drafted by Lt. Robert William Hale Hardy of the British Royal Fleet, who visited the region to scout for potential pearl fisheries. Lt. Hardy dubbed the area "Rocky Point", after the prominent basaltic headland that still dominates the town today. It later became known in Spanish as Puerto Peñasco or “Rocky Port" because the estuary at the base of the headland gave natural refuge to boats. Most non-Mexicans tend to call it Rocky Point, probably because it's easier to say, but the names are interchangeable and both are used in this Web site.

That rocky headland, by the way, was known by fishermen as “Cerro Ballena” or "Whale Hill", for its whale-like shape, and that's what it is still called today.

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    Country: Mexico State: Sonora Municipality: Puerto Peñasco Government: Mayor Latitude: 31°19′N Longitude: 113°32′W Elevation: 0 m (0 ft) Population (2005): - Total: 44,875 - Density: 4.59/km2 (11.9/sq mi) Municipality Area: 9,774.45 km² (3,773.94 sq mi) Time zone: MST (UTC-7) Daylight Savings is observed Postal code: 83550 Area code: 638 Website: Official Language: Spanish (English is widely spoken in many businesses and hotels) Currency: Peso (The U.S. Dollar is accepted city wide.)

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