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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Steps Toward Easier Investment in Puerto Penasco

-by Steve Schwab

( 2009-04-07 Puerto Penasco will take another step toward development in the next months with the establishment of the development center, in which federal, state, and local formalities will be processed in one sole office, thus eliminating the bothersome and deleterious red tape which inhibits everything.

This new office will take care and provide guidance to whoever intends to establish a company, so that it will not only receive paperwork, assured Francisco Diaz Brown, Secretary of Economy of the Government of Sonora.

The objective of this new center is to facilitate a business environment within the municipalities, development, and competitiveness of companies. Consulting services and training courses will be provided to put the necessary tools to develop businesses at the fingertips of entrepreneurs.

What is most important is that the window of the rapid attention of businesses system will be put into operation to process the formalities for establishing new businesses. The state official announced that the development offices's objective will be providing integral services to businesses. For such purpose, Diaz Brown, recently headed a regional meeting with Directors of Economic Development of the municipalities of San Luis Rio Colorado, Puerto Penasco, General Plutarco Elias Calles, and Caborca.

Before the representatives of the region's municipalities he stated that presently there is confusion as regards the formalities which take place at the centers for the Rapid Establishment of Companies (CARE) and the offices of the Rapid Attention of Businesses System (SARE). SARE and CARE are programs created by the Federal Government to facilitate to the maxium degree possible, mercantile, business and business management activities; the former commits the competent governmental authority to issue the registration document that enables to exercise trade formally in a very brief period of time, whereas the latter, CARE, was created to simplify processes and formalities for establishing micro, small and medium companies, joining the Federal, state and local governments for the purpose of providing to the business community, an integral service for the establishment of different types of commercial, industrial or service companies.

All of this will be concentrated in the Business Development Centers and the one in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) will be particularly important due to its constant flow of domestic and foreign investments. An office with these futures already operates in Hermosillo , the capital, and now the State Government is requesting the participation of the majors to start operating such offices in all of the aforementioned municipalities.

During the regional meeting, which was attended by Heriberto Renteria Sanchez, major of Puerto Penasco, the Secretary of Economy explained in detail the Liaison, Promotion, Support to Entrepreneurs, Training and Consulting Services, Financing, and Financial Support programs that form part of said agency.

Diaz Brown invited the region's directors of economic development to request development opportunities for the establishment and growth of companies in their respective municipalities. In Puerto Penasco, it is increasingly easy and simple to obtain licenses and permits for business activities thanks to the complementary efforts of the local, state and federal governments.

Thus, Puerto Penasco is consolidating as one of the most attractive places for domestic and foreign investment, reason due to which business people of the United States and Canada have set their ayes on this Sonoran municipality that, without the shadow of a doubt, is registering one of the highest development indexes of northern Mexico. is a complete guide to Rocky Point Rental Condos, Puerto Penasco Hotels, Restaurants. provides Rocky Point Shuttle Service from Phoenix to Puerto Penasco. Contact Mexico Realty Executives for Mexico Real Estate or for setting up your own Realty Executives Mexico Franchise at

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Author: Steve Schwab