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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Walking The Mirador

-by El Gitano Peñasco, "The Peñasco Gypsy"

If I had Carlos (“El Magnate”) Slim’s money, the expertise of real estate developer Daniel (“Multipropiedad”) Chavez and the power of Presidente Felipe (“El Jefe”) Calderon I would develop a major attraction in Puerto Penasco that would benefit locals, turistas and ultimately place Rocky Point on the proverbial ‘map’.

Whether you live in Penasco all year long, are a frequent guest or just finished your first visit the one thing we should all be able to agree on is that when it comes to getting around to find ‘things-to-do’, RP is fragmented and could sorely use a central ‘gathering place’ (sorry Oahu) of restaurants, shops, businesses, night-clubs, beach activities, picnic/BBQ areas, etc.

Whenever I return to Penasco I find myself missing the fun and conveniences of such places that do provide a full day (and night) of ‘walk-to’ activities as you’ll enjoy and experience on the island of Cozumel, the beach front community of Playa Del Carmen, the Golden Zone of Mazatlan, the zocalo of Merida (aka the Plaza Grande), and so forth.

Yes, RP has Calle 13, Old Port, downtown and other areas speckled about the community with a shop here and/or a restaurant there but I’m all about stress-free fun, entertainment and options plus meeting new people and spending the day (or night) relaxing and having a good time on a casual carefree ‘walk-about’ basis.

That is why I firmly believe the area of Mirador is ideal for such a ‘gathering-place’, complete with a beautiful Mexican zocalo (town square), play areas for the kiddies and scores of eating, dining, shopping and other activities for everyone’s fun, pleasures and enjoyment.

Of course I have no money, no developer experience and as much political juice as a timeshare street hawker does with a belly full of Cervezas arguing with La Policía at 3:00 A.M. out in front of the “Dugout Sports Bar” before being carried off to the hoosegow for the very menacing crime of ‘Wild-Karaoke’ singing…

But if I did have the ‘Huevos’ I’d also plant about a thousand mature palm trees and a vast array of beautiful, colorful, flowering plants up and down the soon-to-be ‘cobblestone’ Calles of Mirador that would also be lined corner to corner with rustic style softly lit street lamps for night time enjoyment…

I’d also maybe limit Mirador ‘non-resident’ vehicle traffic to ‘service vehicles’, bicycles, golf carts and/or maybe Pulmonia’s (open air small cabs), forbid all ATV’s and add scores of park benches, ponds and lawns everywhere…

While building the infrastructure I’d then lease out the land and/or retail space to the hoards of (mostly) small mom and pop businesses that would come in from all over Mexico, adding their touch of ‘funkiness’ (Mexican style) and giving Penasco a charisma to be proud of -- one that would surely attract the attention of sun seekers for generations to come.

Then when it was all a ‘done-deal’ I’d take pencil and paper, walk to the nearest Cantina and order a shot of Don Julio Reposado (Blanco or Añejo) and an ice cold Pacifico (or two) and kick-back to begin my next project which would be to write a catchy little tune about wasting away in Miradorville….


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