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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beach Buzz: Weather, Coyote Ugly, Grupo Mayan and...

-by La Huerita

There's some good buzz from the beach this week, and some not-so-good buzz...

First buzz: I've added a new Weather page to the blog, so now instead of just looking for a little gadget on the sidebar that doesn't tell you much you can get several days worth of forecasts, plus the current temperature. For good measure, I also added a Sun/Moon Sticker that gives moonrise, moonset, moon phase, sunrise and sunset information as well as current temperature, conditions, and time. (From Weather Underground.) Because you can never know too much about that stuff! And finally, thanks to a tip from an interested reader, there is a link to an edited tide calendar that shows a weekly Graphic Plot on the tide. Among other things, this is very handy for checking on the mosquito problem times: 5 days after high tide watch out... ;-)

Just click on the "Weather" link in the navigation bar near the top of the page, or bookmark it directly by going to

How's the weather where YOU are today?

Second buzz: Is there any truth to the rumor that Shay's Coyote Ugly, just off the strip in the Mirador, has become another victim of the terrible economy in Rocky Point? I'm told the "bar and dance saloon" served its last drink on Friday, May 15. Remember Marty, who used to have the famed Margaritavilla bar and restaurant? Well, Coyote Ugly was run by his son and daughter-in-law. Is Marty still trying to get Margaritavilla back? Or has he given up on that? Anyone have reliable information?

Third buzz: The Mayan Group, which has that huge development south of town that they're now calling La Jolla de Cortez (you, know, the Mayan Palace, Grand Mayan and all those other Mayan-named projects down at the La Pinta Estuary), is working to bring tourists to Mexico. And what's good for Mexico is good for Puerto Penasco. The company has recently released their latest ad campaign wherein they invite everyone to "enjoy the exclusivity, luxury, and beauty of Mayan Resorts. This breathtaking photography is a quick glimpse into the true beauty of our destinations." You can view the two ad videos by clicking on these links (Patience is a virtue- it took a while for the videos to load on my laptop):
Watch Video 1
Watch Video 2

OR, you can download them to your computer as QuickTime movies by clicking on the links below:
Download Video 1
Download Video 2

Meanwhile, I hear that progress is being made (finally!) on the building of Mayan Group's 14-story Grand Mayan, a timeshare condo project rising just past the end of the Miramar property in between Miramar and the main Mayan buildings. That should make the timeshare owners happy; they've been waiting for it for at least a couple of years...

Buzz Four: Memorial Day Weekend was busy busy busy, a real blessing for the businesses in RP that have been so hard hit lately, thanks to the triple whammy of the US economy tanking, bad PR about the drug-related mayhem in some border towns and the swine flu. The Mirador was packed and so were Old Port and Sandy Beach. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the worst may be over. And my toes, too, because you can never have too much crossing of digits.

And that's all the Beach Buzz for today!

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