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Friday, May 22, 2009

It's the Law, Gringo!

-by El Gitano Peñasco, "The Peñasco Gypsy"

I'd bet ya un millón de pesos most of us would be hard pressed to find foreigners roaming the streets of Penasco who are familiar with or ponder the statutes that govern the daily lives of Mexico’s citizens (and visitors, too).

Take for example the fact that (apparently) under Title 1, Chapter IV, Article 38, section IV of the "Constitution Of Mexico" Mexican citizens could lose their right to vote because: "The rights or prerogatives of citizens are suspended" for (among other 'issues') "habitual drunkenness".

Oh-oh, there goes my daily Hora Feliz festivities! But in all honesty, over the years I’ve never heard one tale involving authorities running around willy-nilly enforcing that “habitual drunkenness” section…

On the other hand there appears to be no shortage of foreigners who seem almost anxious, if not hell bent, on sharing their legal perspectives with other foreigners covering topics ranging from having a tourist card (FMT) on one’s person at all times to renting or purchasing a condo/home, opening a bank account and so on. You name it, everyone has an opinion on what the law is, and you know what they say about opinions, LOL.

Yes, the law is complex and not to be toyed with by us mere mortals, but I thought we could have some fun right here at The Tides and from time to time discuss various legal issues, topics (and maybe some personal experiences) that affect our lives regardless if we are weekend warriors in town for some ‘fun-and-sun’ or part-time/full-time residents.

So if anyone has a topic they’d like to discuss or a question that requires some research, etc. then blog away (or send me your e-mail comments) and let’s see if we can navigate the multifaceted legal system of Mexico.

And since I’m more than willing to ‘take-the-hit’ for the gang I better head over right now to one of my favorite watering-holes and do some ‘research’, ah, I mean eavesdrop, and see what ‘subject(s)’ are being tossed about today.

Now, on the off-chance I’m not heard from again would someone kindly check the local Penasco Hoosegow (Cárcel) because there is always the possibility that I was just having too much fun during ‘bevy-time’ and may need to be bailed out because after all, there are those pesky little ‘rules’ we all have to live by!

Viva México!