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Friday, July 3, 2009

Puerto Peñasco: Lotería Suerte!

-by El Gitano Peñasco, "The Peñasco Gypsy"

People everywhere are ‘Lotto’ crazy. As an example, since the day 25 years ago (November 6, 1984) the State of California instituted its Lottery millions upon millions of adults have put down cold-cash every day of the year hoping and praying to win ‘The Big One’… or maybe just $50…

There are lotteries everywhere (Mexico, too) so I can only assume that Lottos are very popular, which started me thinking how some ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking Hoteliers and other local business owners here in Rocky Point could cash in on ‘Lotto-Mania’ and maybe even get some free national and international publicity.

In a nutshell, Penasco hoteliers are sitting on a lot of non-revenue producing assets in the form of vacant rooms/suites. If collectively they set aside (e.g.) 200 empty rooms three nights per week, with a ‘questimate’ RevPar value of $60.00 (USD) per night per room/suite, that could represent a weekly Lotto value of $36,000-- or an annual Lotto value of about $2,000,000!

From a marketing perspective a $2 Million value Lotto is something to ponder. With today’s online geo-targeting technology hoteliers could promote Penasco, I mean the Lotto, for centavos on the peso, zooming in on the higher-end financially-stable adult travel market (aka: niche) from ‘any’ region (e.g. Texas, New Mexico…) they so desire…

The responders would not be required to purchase anything, just fill out a brief entrance form and then the hoteliers could sit back and bam, before they could order ‘Una cerveza más’ the entrants would begin pouring in…

Then these savvy business leaders would have set up an auto responder saying (e.g.) ‘…Congratulations John and Mary, you’ve just won…’

Oh, it can all be so simple if we’ll just open our minds and let it be!

Viva México!

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