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Friday, July 10, 2009

Retiring in Puerto Peñasco!

-by El Gitano Peñasco, "The Peñasco Gypsy"

Anyone who has read my weekly perspectives must surely know that I truly love Mexico, the people, the lifestyle, etc., not to mention real Mexican food and their outstanding, diverse and oh-so-delicious sauces!

As many long time readers also know I live in and have been all over this wonderful country for many years, beginning back in September of 1988; so I’ve been able to form at least one or two points of view…

Every community throughout Estados Unidos Mexicanos has some special and unique experiences, characteristics and lifestyle to offer both locals and visitors alike and there are just too many to highlight here.

And so I was thinking recently about US, Canadian and other people from around the world getting ready to retire and who are considering Mexico as their little piece of paradise and wondering where would be the best place for them to consider retiring ‘south’ of the US border?

Puerto Penasco is growing and will soon have much of what the rest of Mexico has to offer, plus we have the beautiful Sea of Cortez as our doormat, pelicans soaring the skies or inches above the breaking surf, mostly clear beautiful skies, constant daily sunshine, heavenly night time sights such as the Milky Way and most of all the seemingly endless miles of beautiful, unspoiled beaches that the ‘folks’ back home would just love to be casually and safely strolling down this very moment.

But Puerto Penasco has something else for retirees to consider which no other resort destination in Mexico offers and that is the ease, convenience and very inexpensive prospect, should the ‘mood’ strike, of just loading up the car and within an hour, being on a US highway with all destinations North, East and West at their immediate disposal to use and enjoy.

Naturally if retirees are not in the ‘mood’ for that, well, along with all the other wonderful aspects of living here there are those ‘salsas’ too!

Viva México!

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