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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

UPS Launches Ground Shipping from Mexico to the U.S.

The good news is that UPS is introducing an economical ground option for shipping small packages from Mexico to the United States. The bad news is that there is not yet a UPS service available in Puerto Penasco.

Known as UPS Standard, the ground service offers business customers a new tool for managing their transportation costs for less-urgent packages. It launched on July 13.

"UPS Standard is a perfect complement to a UPS service portfolio that provides customers multiple transportation options for their express and deferred shipments," said Griselda Hernandez, UPS Mexico country manager. "With 85 percent of Mexico's total exports bound for the U.S., it's important to give businesses a range of reliable shipping choices that cover this busy North American trade lane."

By connecting the company's extensive domestic networks in Mexico and the U.S., UPS is able to offer a ground service between the two countries that covers every address in Mexico and the continental U.S. Packages shipped via UPS Standard will reach their final destinations within 3-to-7 days. Other benefits include a money-back guarantee, complete package visibility and free - often same-day - pick-up service.

With Hermosillo providing the only UPS shipping service currently available in Sonora, MX, the news that the company is introducing ground shipping from Mexico to the USA isn't particularly convenient for those of us who would like to see such a service in Puerto Penasco. Still, it is a step forward and perhaps some day some entrepreneur will fill the need in town, providing an alternative to driving to Lukeville to pick up and send both mail and packages.

UPS has operated in Mexico for 20 years, increasing its network to include 70 operating centers and more than 2,000 employees while expanding its extensive portfolio of service options. The UPS country headquarters is located in Mexico City.

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