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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beach Buzz: Trike Races in Rocky Point, I Kid You Not

-by La Huerita

We like to have fun in Rocky Point and we like to support the community's charities, too. Why not do both at the same time, expanding the growing network of events in town that make you laugh while you're doing good deeds?

So what are you doing over Labor Day Weekend? If you have a sense of humor and haven't forgotten how to play, the good folks over at may have just the thing for you. Hold on to your hats for this one...

In a last-moment stroke of genius, the folks at Rocky Point Talk have decided to try to put together an adult tricycle race over that weekend, with the end result to raise money to help Rocky Point's kids. Maybe start a new tradition (actually continue an old one-- read the thread) called Beers for Cheers, with grown up people racing sturdy kids' trikes for glory and charity. They're having quite a good time with it over at the forum, but they're also darned serious. Camel Toe Cantina would sponsor the event. Says Seadweller, who is doing the organizing: "I was thinking like 4 to 6 trikes to start and the bigger the better... I know my knees don't bend as well as they used too... and I'm sure if there are any extra trikes they would make some little tikes happy..."

And rockyptjoe: "Just a thought....when I was involved in some jetski racing (endurance), we were in classes (based on age).... if you can get enough entrants (crazy people... LOL), split it up so that some of the old farts have a chance and don't have to race against any young'uns.... then have a race of all the winners for "King of the Trike".... by that time, the young'uns should all be so drunk and dying from laughter, the old farts will take it all!!! Just a thought!"

Seadweller again: "these will be multi lap races, and since these will be alcohol fueled trikes, there will be pitstops involved to refuel... the young'uns will either need more pitstops or need to take on more hi-octane fuel while in the pits..."

And: "this is our first attempt and it is on a short notice... so even if all we accomplish is having some fun, and starting a new tradition (trike races) it will be all worth it..."

The event is really coming together in record time, and it looks like it's actually going to happen-- with prizes and everything. I'm laughing just thinking about it. More fun than a human being should be allowed to have!

Never heard of Tricycle Racing? Here's how they do it in San Francisco, racing down Lombard Street:

And you must watch the CAPS Race, sponsored by US Airways:

Think it's just too hot to go to Rocky Point? Well, if you're going to be hot anyway would you rather be hot where you are or hot at the seashore in Mexico? Hmmm? Make your reservations and just DO IT! And bring along that old trike that's been gathering dust in the garage...

Release your inner child: Join the conversation at RockyPointTalk, see what you can contribute (even if it's just your presence!), sign up to be a participjavascript:void(0)ant and join the party at Camel Toe Cantina (it's air conditioned). Who says you're too old to be a kid???

Or, as Seadweller said, "Gentlemen Start Your Peddles! and Ride It Like You Stole It..."

And that's all the Buzz on the Beach for today (isn't that enough?!).

Peace out...

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