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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Beach Buzz: Tucson Shuttle, Starting a New Business, Cellphone Registration

-by La Huerita

First up for Beach Buzz today: Tucson is finally going to get a shuttle to Rocky Point! Eduardo and Alicia have formed a company called Rocky Point Rides, and they will take you from door to door in a very comfy 15-passenger van-- just like Phoenicians have enjoyed for a long time. They hope to inaugurate their service over Labor Day Weekend, which falls on September 5-7 this year.

Sit back, relax, leave the driving to them! They will pick you up at your home or hotel in Tucson and take you to your accommodation in Rocky point. Rates for a group of people are based on the number of people going from Tucson to Rocky Point and returning on the same date. A minimum of 2 people are required per trip.

It's about darn time someone began to offer this service from Tucson, and I wish them great success! For more information visit

Next up: If you want to start a business in Mexico, it may have just become easier. President Felipe Calderon has unveiled a plan to allow businesses to register online via the government Web site This means that the time it takes to complete federal registration requirements should drop from the current 22-34 days (sometimes longer) to a mere couple of hours. The process will also avoid duplication of processes and reduce the possibilities for corruption.

Any businesses that have been registered with a notary public are eligible to complete the federal government requirements online. Calderon hopes that State governments will follow this example.

Anything that makes doing business in Mexico easier is a GOOD thing.

And finally: Registering Mexican cellphones. In yet another attempt to throw a wrench into the operations of drug cartels and other illegal operations, Mexico is changing its laws on the use of cellphones. It started back in April, with all new Mexican cellphones being registered with a new government agency (RENAUT). The user and the assigned number are thus uniquely identified. Number portability services will also be introduced so that you can maintain the same cellular number even if you change phones or providers. All existing Mexican cellphones not registered by April 10, 2010 will be deactivated on that day.

Note that cellphones from other countries that are roaming in Mexico are not affected by the new regulations and are exempt from registration. So what's to stop criminals from going that route, I ask myself?

Anyway, according to RENAUT, people who have a contract with the mobile companies where charges are billed to a credit card will be contacted by the service provider to bring their identity cards (e.g. FM-3, Acta de Nacimiento, Carta de Naturalizacion, etc.) to the office and have their phones registered. Those on a "pre-paid" basis, where they buy refill cards at local businesses, will need to send a text message to the government agency to get their phones authorised and submit their Unique Population Identification Key (Clave Unica de Registro de PoblaciĆ³n , "CURP"). If you lose your phone or have it stolen from you, you must promptly notify your carrier and they will inform the government to deactivate it and prevent it being used in a crime. Each mobile telephone that you have must be registered in the name of the user, not in the name of the buyer. If you have more than one phone, all must be registered.

If you have a Mexican mobile phone and have not yet registered it, you've got most of a year left to get it done, and it's entirely possible that more details and procedures will be made clear in the meantime. No need to panic, but eventually you WILL have to get 'er done.

And that's all the Buzz on the Beach for today.

Peace out...

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