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Friday, August 14, 2009

Mokil or Puerto Penasco: Tercera parte!

-by El Gitano Peñasco, "The Peñasco Gypsy"

On August 9th by Beachbum45 (in response to Part 2 of this series) left this comment: " sounds like you go for little out of the way places? If so, you must feel right at home in RP, haha." Beachbum45 was absolutely correct and sums up these brief three pieces perfectly…

Yet if you add up the total population of the three nearest US states to RP of Arizona, New Mexico and just Southern California and then tally the population of the nearest Mexican States, too, it is almost unbelievable just how few visitors actually travel to and vacation (or set up business) in Puerto Penasco each year!

From a marketing perspective Puerto Penasco is basically in the infancy stage but it is also, IMHO, stuck in a rut in that the ‘movers and shakers’ pretty much ‘banked’ the RP ‘tourist’ (and new business, real estate…) industry on those from the Phoenix area.

Conversely, the ’powers that be’ of Mokil, and more specifically The FSM, decided decades ago to spread the ‘word’ but not in just ‘one’ market such as Japan but also to visitors from Australia, the Philippines, Korea, etc. and because they did (and do so to this day) their tourist (and business) industry continues to thrive decade after decade.

I would like to think that those in the Penasco business community (and government officials too), who pretty much sat on their laurels this past 10 years, have finally awakened to the reality that RP needs to reach out way beyond the Arizona market if the community is going to compete for those highly prized tourist (and business) dollars/pesos.

I say this because at the end of the day, every day, whether it is Mokil or Penasco, Cabo or Cancun, Madrid or Paris… ‘travelers’ are making decisions and if Rocky Point doesn’t start getting the word out we’ll continue on our merry little way into an obscure corner of the ‘travel’ (and business) market and only be known, as Beachbum45 put it best, “a little out of the way place”.

Viva México!

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