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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Russ & Naomi Black Take Promotions Para Penasco On the Road

Most business owners in Puerto Peñasco agree that our community needs more visitors to fill our resorts, our hotels, our rental homes and casitas, our restaurants and bars. More visitors to rent cars, go on our fishing boats and sunset cruises, to enjoy the beach and all of the other wonderful activities that our Beach Town has to Offer! Then to return and buy condos or homes and spend more time here.

After brain-storming with Rosie Glover and Manny Sanchez, two of the founders of the new Tourism & Visitor’s Assistance Office, Russ & Naomi Black of Penasco Recreation decided to implement a program to promote Puerto Peñasco by attending a series of tourism trade shows this fall and winter. The shows are in Nevada, Arizona and California. Each show focuses on a diverse group: (1) travel retailers such as travel agents, (2) winter visitors & Arizona travelers, and (3) our new “closer-than-ever” California audience!

The first 3-day show they will be attending is THETRADESHOW (Travel Retailing and Destination Expo) held mid-September in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is focused specifically towards 2,000 travel agents and other travel retailers in the tourism field which should get promotions off to a good start for this winter season!

This aggressive promotional campaign is called Promotions Para Penasco. The Blacks are actively requesting sponsorship from local businesses to cover the trade show costs. Sponsors may provide business cards or sales literature about their businesses, show “give-aways”, travel & safety information, items for an attractive booth display, or “comp” accommodations, meals or activities to offer travel agents who are seriously interested in visiting & experiencing Puerto Peñasco first hand!

The Blacks have traveled and/or lived in Mexico for over 25 years. Their past business included an RV Caravan business which brought hundreds of “first-time to Mexico” travelers to Peñasco and beyond. Through this experience, the Blacks comprehend the mind-set of the timid Mexico traveler. They are also experienced trade show exhibitors. They do not own resorts, hotels or restaurants or any specific local retail business and therefore, promise to be unbiased promoters of our tourist town of Puerto Peñasco. This promotional campaign should be good for everyone in our community.

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