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Friday, August 28, 2009

Why Not Puerto Penasco?

-by El Gitano Peñasco, "The Peñasco Gypsy"

Being a certifiable member of the Baby Boomer Generation (BBG) and knowing that in just the S.W. USA there are millions of us out here, I decided to go on an Expedition and googled “Retire in Puerto Penasco (or Rocky Point)” to see what I could find. Low and behold the results were about as barren as sections of the Sonora Desert.

Conversely if you Google “Retire in Mexico” you get about 3 Million organic listings but doing the same for our beloved PP you only get about seven (7) organic returns with no real information.

Here is how lacking it really is: One listing from ‘Boomers Abroad’ has about 150-200 words to describe all of PP and then under the heading “Why Retire in Puerto Penasco” they say, now brace yourself Niños y Niñas: “Puerto Peñasco is the ideal retirement haven for people that are active and love aquatic sports. Here you will find Scuba Diving, Sunset Cruises, Deep Sea Fishing, and Snorkeling available in most places.” That’s all, the whole tamale!

Well I’ll bet the old Rancho when Boomers come across that little tidbit of exhilarating information they’ll scrap any other nonsense notions or plans about retirement destinations in Mexico, such as Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, etc., immediately tell the kiddies Adiós and pack the bags to begin heading to PP in masses even before the Mexican Immigration officials have time to gear up for the influx…

But what the heck, the BBG only represents about 30% of the total US population of about 300 Million and one report I just read says the BBG spends, annually, a mere 2 Trillion dollars or so. What the heck, we all know you can barely run the US Federal Government with that sort of chump change!

Of course if Puerto Penasco could attract, say, just 1% of the BBG to just come on down for a look-see, and then if 1% of those folks set up their ‘golden years’ here we’d have about 7,500 new year-round residents who could add a couple hundred million $USD into the business/community coffers…

Never mind, let’s stick with the big-bucks like the annual spring break crowd!

Viva México!

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