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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Beach Buzz: Halloween Party, Riviera Mar De Cortes

-by La Huerita

Are you coming down to Rocky Point for Halloween? Mark Olszewski, ardent supporter of Adopt-a-Classroom, suggests you bring your kids (or adults are encouraged to act like kids). Why? IT'S A PARTY!

Says Mark: "To show our appreciation to all those who have donated to our Adopt-A-Classroom of Rocky Point, we usually throw a Halloween party at our house to give out candy to the kids. We also play games like pin the bones on the skeleton...

"There will be hot dogs and soda for the kids and a keg of beer for the adults (while supplies last).

"So if you're planning on coming down for Halloween we'd love to have ya join us! Visit for our contact info to RSVP and for directions to the party.

"A donation of school supplies is suggested and will be greatly appreciated but it is not mandatory to attend. Costumes are also suggested but not mandatory."

Think of it as your civic duty to enjoy Halloween in Rocky Point. And do bring some school supplies with you. ;)

Next up: Once upon a time the area around Puerto Penasco was informally called the Sonoran Gold Coast. Then the Mayor of the Municipality of Caborca coined the name "Sonoran Riviera" to help better define the Municipality's coastal areas. (Why every place with a beachfront from Alaska to Mexico to probably Timbuktu feels the need to call itself a "Riviera" is beyond me, but that's a pet peeve for another day.)

Now it's all changing again, with the "Sonoran Riviera" just a part of a larger area to be called, yes, another Riviera: The Riviera Mar De Cortes. This is a newly minted designation given to the coastal region of Sonora generally defined by the communities of Santa Clara, Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Desemboque, Puerto Lobos, Puerto Libertad, Kino Bay, San Carlos, and Guaymas.

Well, I guess it makes a certain amount of sense. Compared to the recent real estate boom in Rocky Point, the communities to the south-- until you reach San Carlos-- are not exactly well known. When the region is mentioned at all it's usually with a vague wave of the arm and the epithet "south of Rocky Point". The whole region could definitely use some cachet, and government promoters as well as developers can't be blamed for wanting to cash in on both Rocky Point's celebrity and a swell-sounding moniker to describe the region.

With the new Coastal Highway steadily (if slowly) heading south to connect Caborca’s coastal community of Desemboque to Puerto Lobos and Puerto Libertad, it's only a matter of time before the highway connects California and Arizona all the way to Kino Bay, San Carlos and Guaymas. All of the communities along the way are eager for the possibility of tourism money that could flow their way once Americans start seriously traveling again.

So I guess the new moniker is properly descriptive and should include the whole magical coastal area of Sonora. But surely there must be some other word to use besides "Riviera"?

And that's all the Buzz on the Beach for today.

Peace out...

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