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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mexico Reaches Out to U.S. Investors as Resort Real Estate Prices Fall 35%

This should be of interest to the movers and shakers in Rocky Point. In a press release issued yesterday by Lemmus Mexico Real Estate it was revealed that the state of Sinaloa Mexico Ministry of Tourism and Development will host ‘Vive Mazatlan’ on Thursday, October 29, at Seattle’s Grand Hyatt Hotel to describe how the current recession has created real estate opportunities in Mexico. The event will feature cuisine and entertainment of Mexico, and an overview of investment and retirement prospects in Mexico.

“Thousands of American citizens have chosen Mexico as a way to stretch retirement income,” says Antonio Ibarra, Sinaloa Mexico Minister of Tourism. “This is the first time we have reached out to U.S. retirees and investors as the Mexican economy has resulted in luxury villa to condominium prices that are 35% under market values.”

According to Miguel Lemus, CEO of Mexico’s largest real estate development firm, hundreds of homes and condominiums are on the market at bargain prices. “We are touring various U.S. cities to clear up myths about Mexico and to describe how the international recession has affected Mexico resort beachfront real estate prices far below market.”

Lemmus Mexico Real Estate is Mexico’s largest seashore resort real estate broker with Mexico coastline offices in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatl├ín and Guadalajara. C.E.O. Miguel Angel Lemus is a veteran developer of properties in Mexico.

I know that many Rocky Point business people are working hard to get the word out about our little slice of coastal heaven and that effort must be kept up. Help from any quarter is welcome, and though Lemmus and the folks in Sinaloa aren't working specifically to bring attention to Puerto Penasco, positive info about Mexico and the opportunities for retirement and investment in the country certainly can't hurt.

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