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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Upcoming Events: November, 2009

SPECIAL UPCOMING EVENTS for NOVEMBER, 2009 in Rocky Point/Puerto Penasco, Mexico.

Take your pick. Each of these events is lots of fun, some of them are educational to boot, and most of them support a charity. How can you beat a combination like that? Come to Rocky Point and indulge your inner beachbum!

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  • November 5, 6, 7 &8 (Thursday thru Sunday): Rocky Point Rally. Join the thousands of motorcycle riders from all over the United States and Mexico who attend the annual Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally. It's more fun than a human being should be allowed to have! For additional information visit Rocky Point Rally
  • November 11: 2nd Annual Las Conchas Art in the Park. Start time: 11:00am at Fiesta Park, Sec. 1. You will find a plethora of art mediums to dazzle the eys, and to start your Holiday shopping for friends or family. Paintings, metal art, photography, textile art, and much more-- including food and music while shopping at your leisure. Entry fees for artisans is $20.00. Come by and start your holiday shopping! Contact Randi Alcott at 011-52-638-382-0301 (from the US) or (602) 476-2145 or email
  • November 28 (the Saturday after Thanksgiving): 3rd Annual Taste of Penasco. 12 noon to 6:00 p.m. (it will really be an all day event) Located this year in the downtown "Shrimp Park", it will include the "Iron Chef" competition, music and arts and some local celebrities will be locked up in a jail until they get bailed out. Should be a great day of food tasting, wine tasting, tequila tasting and listening to music. It is always fun and the location this year makes it easy for everyone to come and attend. Need more info, email
    • November 7, Saturday: Book signing event for the newly released Pinacate Book ("Land of Black Volcanoes and White Sands: the Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve") with authors Larry G. Marshall and Clark Blake. The book signing and talk will begin at 10am. Come and get your book signed! To order a copy of the book now, visit our online Eco Shop. After the book signing CEDO is offering a special eco-adventure to the Pinacate dunes and new visitors center for the Biosphere Reserve, beginning at 1pm. The cost is $40, which includes lunch if you pre-register by Nov. 6. To pre-register call CEDO at 520-320-5473 or email
    • November 7, Destination Dunes, 1-5pm* See the book signing event blurb above for more information on this special eco-adventure.
    • November 14, Saturday: Tidepool Exploration, 6 - 8am: An awesome way to experience the incredible tides of the Northern Gulf of California. The secrets of the tidepools are revealed by CEDO naturalists during this excursion to the rocky intertidal zone. Discover the unique world of brittle stars, octopi, fire worms, crabs, chitons and all of their invertebrate companions. An extremely fun, hands-on experience. Approximately 2 hours. - Cost: $15; Children Under 12, $10
    • November 28, Saturday: Pinacate Peregrination, 8am - 4pm: Venture into the heart of the Pinacate volcanic region to learn about the the geologic processes involved in the formation of this spectacular area. Explore the lava flows, craters, and other geologic wonders of the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve with CEDO experts. Approximately 6 hours. - Cost: $50-60; Children Under $12, $35-40; Lunch Included
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