Friday, July 17, 2009

The Billboards of Puerto Penasco

-by El Gitano Peñasco, "The Peñasco Gypsy"

While recently driving a long, dry, hot and empty stretch on highway 95 in Southern Nevada I passed a group of billboards for various hotels in Laughlin, NV and suddenly shining out of the sun scorched desert was this one brightly lit (LED) billboard promoting the Hotel Finisterra in Cabo.

My first thought was ‘…way out here, some 1,200 driving miles away from Cabo…’ and that untold thousands of passersby may have no clue where Cabo was located, let alone be familiar with the Finisterra.

Seemed to me at first thought it was a waste of money, but believing in these challenging times the ‘marketers’ for the Finisterra are likely mindful of their ad budgets, surely there must be a reason for their insanity…

And then it dawned on me how complacent ‘marketers’ of Rocky Point have been over the years and how they continue to fail to grab the attention of a ‘captured’ audience of millions of ‘prospects’ who would have absolutely no choice whatsoever but to ponder their ‘offerings’ on ‘billboards’ promoting Hotels, Condos, etc., in RP…

Yet these ‘marketers’ of Penasco as a vacation, retirement or investment opportunity allow millions of mostly bored east- and west-bound ‘prospects’ to pass the main gateway (Interstate 8 and SR 85) every day, 24/7/365 without so much as a mention that their projects, hotels or condos are nearby…

Instead these gurus choose to only pay for billboard space in town promoting these properties to ‘visitors’ mostly from Arizona who are already very familiar with both Penasco and their projects… So be it!

But why not also let those millions traveling down Interstate 8 every day of the year know that if they take the next exit “Paradise” awaits, and the beautiful turquoise waters of the Sea Of Cortez… the beaches… and oh, by the way, their properties, too, are just a few minutes away…

Silly Me!

Viva México!

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