Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Folk Dancing in Rocky Point, Mexico

Here is another video from our friend TwoPesos, this time showing the Machete Dance (don't try this at home!) Scroll down below the video to find out what this was all about!

Now, here's what it was all about, from TwoPesos himself: "This is just one of the many dances performed for our guests at the Playa Inn Hotel in Rocky Point, Puerto Penasco, Mexico during our February Charity Bus Tour with Arthur G. Sloane...

This trip like all the others was a big success... the guests on the trip donated enough school supplies to benifit our Adopt-A-Classroom of Rocky Point project and clothing to fill our living room (time to visit the schools again) and all the profits from the tour are used to remodel and buy new furniture for our Veterans living in the Veterans Homes of Phoenix AZ..."

Way to go!


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