Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rocky Point Chili Cookoff 2010

High Desert Pod's 17th Annual International Open Chili Cookoff at Manny’s Beach Club was held back in mid January, and as usual it was a big success. Who doesn't love chili? Who doesn't love Manny's?

Proceeds go to the Puerto Peñasco elementary school “Ventura G. Tena”.

Manny's Beach Club is one of those places that's been around so long that it fits the category of "If you haven't been to Manny's, you haven't been to Rocky Point". A landmark in Rocky Point, it has served everyone from Spring Breakers to locals to, well, just everyone. Even me.

Once upon a time it was just a shack on the beach with a few picnic tables. And now? Well, now it's Manny's! Be there or be square...

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