Friday, April 30, 2010

A Bird From Rocky Point!

-by El Gitano Peñasco, "The Peñasco Gypsy"

The outrage and uproar in the United States and México over Arizona’s new ‘reasonable suspicion’ approach to immigration is being covered by the ‘media’ as possibly being racially motivated, and although there is an abundance of racist-pigs to go around (all over the world) the media is totally ignoring, as Paul Harvey would have said, ‘The Rest Of The Story’!

For some time now the United States has been turning into a ‘Police’ State and the Arizona law is just another example of shredding the very constitutional rights that all Federal and State politicians have vowed to ‘support and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic’, and which a majority of US Citizens, sadly, take for granted.

And as far as those U.S. citizens are concerned, they could care less about ‘real’ freedom. Instead they lie down like well fed sheep, accept the sound-bites of their favorite ‘talking-heads’ as being ‘etched-in-stone’ and as long as they aren’t rounded up for the ‘slaughter’ then all is well in ‘their’ mental-land of ‘milk-and-honey’!

This Arizona law is also another step towards a mandatory ‘National ID Card’ (bio-card) so that at any time, 24/7365, when the ‘Gov’ (Fed/State/County/City) wants to know where ‘We The People’ are, what ‘we’ are doing, where ‘we’ have been, etc., they’ll have all that information (and more) at the flick of a ‘click’…

Here is a taste of just how bad it is getting in the USA: The ‘Police-State’ has become so prevalent that in places like Las Vegas, NV (and other communities) when you check into many motels/hotels the front desk clerk actually photocopies your I.D. and then, believe it or not, faxes a copy over to the Police department (at some properties, the P.D. comes by once every few days and picks up the copies) so they can run a ‘background’ check…

Additionally, at many Western Union offices throughout the U.S.A when you send or pick up monies they, too, demand and photocopy the customer’s I.D.-- including their SSAN. And for any amounts exceeding $1,000, under the Federal law (thanks to the Patriot Act), providing a SSAN is mandatory and Western Union must keep that information on file for five (5) years.

And, under that same Patriot Act law, the untrained ‘employee’ who assists the sender/receiver is to report (on a special form which is then submitted), regardless of the amount of money, anything that they deem is ‘suspicious’ activity, mannerisms, etc. I.E. They are ‘ordered’ to report to the Government what their ‘perception’ of what ‘suspicious’ is-(is)!

I could go on (believe me; I could really go on) but what continues to happen in the United States makes me appreciate Peñasco and México even more than ever before. As each day goes by I am truly thankful and grateful that this community and nation allows an outsider a safe and wonderful place to live pretty much without the day-to-day anal probing that is taking place in the U.S.A (and many other nations around the world)…

So, if some day you’re driving through ‘Check-Point-Charlie’ south bound at Lukeville (into Sonoyta, Mexico) and you notice the driver of a car ahead is extending his arm up and out of the top of the car's sun roof and projecting a middle finger ‘North-bound’, rest assured that is not directed at you or the Mexican authorities. It's just me, El Gitano Peñasco, on my merry way back home to safety and freedom in Puerto Peñasco, México!

¡Viva México y Puerto Peñasco!


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