Friday, April 9, 2010

Pure Rocky Point Tequila!

-by El Gitano Peñasco, "The Peñasco Gypsy"

During a recent siesta I was pondering what it would be like to be the world’s richest person, that being Mexico’s Telecom tycoon Carlos Slim Helú, and what I’d do if I had all his money.

After considering many possibilities it turned out to be basically a simple decision: First, I’d buy all of Old Port in Rocky Point and preserve it forever, pretty much as it sits today!

One of the features I love about Old Port is that you can park the car and walk about and do a little shopping, a little eating, have a couple of ‘cold-ones’ do a little ‘people-watching’, enjoy the wildlife and then at the end of the day I’d grab some fresh fish and head back to my casita (which I’d buy/build) up top-side of Old Port.

That said, I would turn Old Port into a mega cuisine and shopping experience but I would never allow any ‘big’ brand name (Mexican, US or Canadian) deals in there and would only offer space to Mexican Mom and Pop type operations.

I would also make it a prerequisite that their low rise establishments be painted with lots of traditional Mexican ‘colors’ and have artists from all around Mexico come over to paint murals depicting the Mexican culture on the side of buildings for everyone’s enjoyment and pleasure.

Then I'd bring in some ‘handcrafters’ and let them setup ‘street’ operations. And to top it all off I’d start producing (in Rocky Point) a specialized variety of Rocky Point Tequila and then promote the hell out of Old Port throughout N. America.

And since I’d be so wealthy I’d do the same with the Mirador area (but it needs much more work) and as for Sandy Beach, Las Conchas and other ‘locations’ in the area, well I’d leave those to the, er, ‘beautiful people’, so to speak!

That's my day dream. What's yours?

¡Viva México y Puerto Peñasco!


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