Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rocky Point Reports are Shown to be False

Arizona Citizens Call on Nogales Consul to Withdraw Warning and on news Media to Set the Record Straight

Phoenix, Arizona, May 26, 2010 -- Citizens of Arizona have been harmed by an inaccurate travel warning regarding Rocky Point this week.

The Arizona Sonora Stakeholders Association (ASSA) is calling on the U.S. Consulate in Nogales to withdraw the now-discredited warning, apologize to the many Americans who have been harmed by this Consulate’s negligence and investigate who authorized the warning to be released without proper research and verification.

The ASSA represents the thousands of Arizona residents and voters who own property in Sonora, vacation there and count it as an important part of the Arizona lifestyle. Puerto Peñasco, Sonora (sometimes referred to as Rocky Point) is the primary beach resort for Arizona residents and has a reputation for safety and family-friendly stays. Misinformation and inaccurate press reports about the beach destination cause significant harm to the many Americans with interests – personal, business and property – in Rocky Point.

According to Aaron R. Hutman, Director of the ASSA, “I spoke to the Nogales Consular office on Friday, May 21 prior to the publication of the warning online and they were aware they had nothing but unconfirmed reports of dubious origin. I urged them not to publish without a proper investigation. Since that time, the State Police in Sonora have investigated and the reports were either mistaken or a hoax. Anyone who has traveled on the road between Sonoyta and Rocky Point knows how absurd the warning was – the geography of Highway 8 and utter lack of escape routes for potential wrong-doers makes an unauthorized checkpoint so implausible as to be silly.”

The only question remaining is how long it will take for the Nogales Consul to withdraw the warning and issue an apology? If the Consul and Press wait until after Memorial Day to correct the record, it will raise serious questions about their motives and integrity. Memorial Day weekend is one of the most important weekends of the year for Puerto Peñasco.

American owners look forward to sharing their residences at the beach with family and friends. Other Americans look forward to renting, making much needed income to support their family’s second home investments. Still other Arizonans look forward to a weekend rental on the beach and a well-deserved vacation. These are the people who have been hurt this week.

The economic loss to Arizona residents and American citizens caused by the mistaken Consular warning are likely to be in the millions of dollars. American citizens own approximately 7,000 properties in Puerto Peñasco.

For more information about the mistaken travel warning and efforts to correct the record, please call (310) 755-8267 or write to

Press Release Source: The Arizona Sonora Stakeholders Association (ASSA)

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