Friday, May 21, 2010

Those damn ‘Illegal’ Immigrants!

-by El Gitano Peñasco, "The Peñasco Gypsy"

Did you ever notice that when our neighbors to the north are whining about ‘illegal’ immigrants they never seem to moan about the number of U.S. citizens who are also ‘illegals’ either visiting or living the ‘good-life’ south of the border, including right here in our beloved Puerto Peñasco?

In fact Gringo ‘illegals’ have been pouring into Mexico for as long as there has been a history between the two nations and the untold real life story is that U.S. Citizens have been playing, living, working and retiring in Mexico (and Peñasco) all along and a lot of them have done so for decades all the while remaining ‘undocumented’!

I bring this up because I’m up Norte right now in San Diego on business and this morning while enjoying a cup of Café the front desk manager at the hotel where I’m staying was sitting next to me and during our conversation she brought up the subject of ‘illegals’ followed by the usual negative rhetoric…

While listening to her gripe I wanted to tell her about all the ‘illegal’ Gringos I personally know who’ve enjoyed a wonderful ‘stay’ in Peñasco and about all the other ‘illegal’ Gringos that I personally know all over this wonderful nation who to this day have ‘bucked’ the system…

I decided not to, though, because every time she used the ‘M’ (Mexican) word she whispered it (while carefully glancing left to right and right to left) and I concluded that she was so filled with ‘misinformation’ she likely picked up from her favorite ‘talking-heads’ that I just sat there, occasionally acknowledging her views, and then asked if she had ever been to Mexico.

“Oh yeah, we love Mexico! We used to go to Ensenada and rent a condo for our vacation every summer but now we have to have a Passport or some kind of border crossing card (aka: be ‘documented’ and/or ‘legal’) just to go shopping in Tijuana (aka: Mexico, another country) so we don’t go any longer. Those damn ‘illegal’ immigrants have ruined it for everyone!”

¡Viva México y Puerto Peñasco!


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