Friday, July 9, 2010

‘Undocumented’ In Rocky Point!

-by El Gitano Peñasco, "The Peñasco Gypsy"

The once serving ("Four Terms") Arizona House of Representative Barry Wong is now a candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission and 'if' he gets in, he'll cut all the utilities (power, gas etc.), to those "undocumented" immigrants in Arizona because, according to Wong, having water, electricity, gas and the likes is "not a right. It is a service".

This is an astounding position for a person whose parents (according to his website) "lived amid the civil war in China between the Nationalist government and the invading Mao's Communists. They were among the lucky ones who were able to escape China and the eventual Bamboo Curtain as China fell to Mao and his army."

Sounds like Mom and Dad fled China for, oh, maybe economical and/or personal reasons and I'm absolutely certain that when they escaped they had all the required documents (and blessings) from the Chinese government and whatever other countries they likely had to pass through to ultimately wind up in the United States and eventually settle down in Phoenix.

Whether Mom and Dad were 'documented' or not isn't the point, because ever since those first 'undocumented' immigrants landed (you know, the Pilgrims, on the east coast of what became the U.S.A.) I would argue that a significant percentage of all our 'forefathers' were illegals I mean ‘undocumented’ and the building (labor intensive) of the U.S.A. was squarely on their 'backs'!

And then comes along the likes of this Wong Character who enjoyed all the blessing the United States has provided him (freedom, college, law degree etc.) and for him to take a stand to cut off utilities etc. to families with infants, and/or the elderly (and everything in-between) sickens me to no end.

Especially when it comes from a guy who continues to feed at the tax-payers trough and who had acknowledged in an interview about a year ago that his U.S. citizenship was an accident of fate: "I could be tending a rice paddy with a water buffalo or tilling a farm".

Now I don't know if Wong has visited Rocky Point in the past, or if he owns any real estate here, etc. but I sure do hope that if he is ever spotted in our community that the authorities pull him over and check all his papers, insurance, etc. and if anything is 'out-of-line' then they ought to lock him up. You know, let him sit for a while without those ‘services’ such as air-conditioning, running water, flushing toilets, electricity, etc. so he can rethink his position!

If anyone would like, you can share your thoughts with Wong at (602-850-4300 or email

¡Viva Puerto Peñasco y México!


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