Friday, August 13, 2010

Shame on You!

-by El Gitano Peñasco, "The Peñasco Gypsy"

There are several reports available online that place Mexico in the top ten (10) of the most visited countries (by tourists) in the world. On a planet with more than 200 nations and over 6 Billion people, to be in that spot speaks highly of the nations included in the coveted tourist ‘travel’ destination list.

In those reports the numbers vary slightly but it is a safe bet to believe that this nation welcomes around 20 Million “International Tourists” each year. Because that seems to be a fact, IMHO it supports my belief that Peñasco needs to promote itself first and foremost as “Mexico” and not that gloomy “Rocky Point’ tag embraced mostly by Phoenicians!

When people the world over think of Mexico many thoughts and images come to mind including sunsets, sunrises, beaches, mariachis, margaritas, warm people, star filled nights, a fascinating history and culture, great cuisine and incredible sauces, fiestas, deep sea fishing, etc. It is those very qualities that tourists and retirees need to know they can discover right here in Puerto Peñasco!

It is very important for city and business leaders in Peñasco, and I mean everyone, especially since Grupo Vidanta's Mr. Daniel Chavez basically provided the ‘means’ (aka: Aeropuerto), to promote our spot under the Sun beginning first and foremost with Mexican Nationals all across this nation and consider (for now) the S.W. USA as what it is: A secondary and at times a fragile ‘market’!

How the city leaders go about their business I’ll leave for them to decide. But as for the business community that has the power to act swiftly, I challenge every one of them to begin immediately by updating the many outdated websites (including their ‘social-networking’ efforts) that depict Puerto Peñasco in a manner that is not attractive to the bulk of travelers within or to Mexico.

And keep in mind, business owners, that over the next twelve months-- excluding the known millions who travel within Mexico-- 20 Million ‘souls’ will be mostly looking online for a new adventure and vacation experience in Mexico. If you don’t step up with a few pesos and aggressively go after that known and existing online market representing BILLIONS of dollars/pesos that WILL be spent anyway, then I can only say, La Culpa es Tuya!

¡Viva Puerto Peñasco y México!


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