Friday, September 10, 2010

Webcams Por Peñasco!

-by El Gitano Peñasco, "The Peñasco Gypsy"

As rapidly as the online world is changing, and considering PP is a great place to live, visit, vacation, start a business or retire at plus keeping in mind that if a picture is worth a 1,000 words-- then just think how many more ‘words’ we could share with the world if we had a full-press court and strategically placed webcams throughout our community.

No, I’m not talking about the snoopy kind that governments worldwide are imposing on their citizens at each intersection, etc. but instead ones at businesses, etc. so that they can show their ‘live’ activities taking place at (e.g.) restaurants, shops, fishing boats, dinner cruises and so on so that online visitors could see all the ‘haps’ in real time.

Webcams are modestly priced these days and also allow the ‘host’ to control the hours they operate such as during the breakfast, lunch or dinner hours, at the golf course, or just about anywhere else a business is dealing with tourists from within Mexico or from abroad…

Unlike writing up fussy and cozy stories depicting Puerto Peñasco as that ‘once quaint little fishing village’ instead visitors could get a real sense of PP as it is on any given day and that would be pretty darn neat…

Then some of the business owners with beachfront (or beach-near) locations can place their webcams showing the beautiful Sea of Cortez with pelicans flying by, the breaking waves, people fishing or playing on the beach, etc. and before you know it people from all over the place will have even more reasons to want to come and visit our wonderful and peaceful seaside community.

Just an idea and a Gypsy can always dream!

¡Viva Puerto Peñasco y México!


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