Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Pet Friendly Update for Puerto Penasco

This is our dog, her Mighty Preciousness and Royal Pugness Miss Aloha Sadie. Or perhaps I should say we are her humans. She is the reason that wherever we go we have to search for pet friendly accommodations because God forbid she should ever be left by herself in even the finest of kennels. With DOGS.

Sadie is eight years old now, grayer around the muzzle than she was when that picture was taken, but still the consummate mooch and manipulator she has always been, a clown, and an inventor of games. With her sweet face and demeanor she stops traffic (literally!) everywhere we go; even people who don't like dogs fall in love with Sadie. One couple we know vowed that if anything ever happened to us Sadie should live with them, promising "Her feet will never touch the ground."

Everyone thinks their dogs are special, but Sadie really is. ;) So it is with pleasure that I was recently able to update our Pet Friendly in Puerto Penasco section with a new hotel, thanks to Dianne who sent me the information.

The place is the Dream Weaver Inn in Old Port, and here is what Dianne had to say about it:
Dream Weaver Inn in Old Port allows dogs. I was just there in December with two big dogs. They have apartments with patios overlooking the Malecon. Great deal and Oscar and Lupita are great hosts for a very reasonable price. http://www.dreamweaverinn.isforlease.com/

DreamWeaver Inn charged me $35 for a fully-equiped 1 bedroom apartment. No extra charge for my two big dogs and no restrictions. It was a better rate than normal because I guaranteed to stay there for 7 nights. Hosts were great too!

Sounds good to me, and a perusal of their website was encouraging, too. It's always good to know of a decent place that welcomes dogs (even when the dogs don't KNOW they're dogs!).

Do be aware that Dianne also reported being asked for her dogs' papers on the way back across the border at Lukeville.
Upon returning to the US, for the first time in the last 40 years of traveling to RP, I was asked for vet papers which of course I didn't have. He also informed me I was only allowed dog food for one day when returning. It didn't matter if I brought it from the US or if purchased in Mexico. It must have been his first day on the job.

I was quite surprised about the papers although I knew you were supposed to have them. I never heard about the dog food. That made no sense. The officer's name was Zavala. He also ticked something off on his chart.

I've never been asked for Sadie's papers, and it seems to have been rare for the border guards on either side of the border to ask for them in the past, but it's always a good idea to have all the paperwork required JUST IN CASE! I did know about the dog food thing, but I've never been asked about that, either.

Just be prepared for the eventuality. You never know...

And if you ever happen to see a couple of gringos romping around on the beach with a tubby little pug, come on over and say Hi. I promise she will charm your flipflops off!

If you know of pet friendly lodging in Rocky Point, or are the owner of a hotel/motel that is not listed here, please let me know so we can add it. But also note that this is not an invitation for free "for rent by owner" classified ads. I think that could quickly overwhelm me. ;-)

UPDATE Dec. 2011:

Here is the Inn's Facebook page

Its website: http://www.oldport.epropertysites.com/

Here are the phone numbers provided:
602 903 3871 (USA) & 638 107 1468 (Mexico)
Mexico cell: o' 638 383 4805 office

Please email me (or leave a comment below): La Huerita
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