Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beach Buzz: Upcoming Events in Puerto Penasco (and a little something off topic)

I'm tired of addressing the safety issue in Mexico, but this kind of stirred my juices in a positive way. You see, President Obama and our Congress critters are gearing up for a fight over immigration issues (again) during the coming year or so, with the Democrats likely to propose a comprehensive reform measure that doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of passing. What that means is that the sanctimonious posturing and pompous speechifying has already begun.

Speaker of the House John Boehner, an Ohio Republican, has been adamant in the past about such reform bills, and he hasn't changed his mind. He's always talking about stopping the violence on our borders, and U.S. Rep. Silvestre Reyes, a Texas Democrat recently took exeception to Boehner's rhetoric in a manner that reminds me of what we've all been talking about lately in Rocky Point.

He said, "As his office asserts that Congress cannot consider reforming our broken immigration system until border violence is under control, the fact remains that the six largest cities of Ohio all have higher rates of violence and crime than every major city along the U.S.-Mexico border."

According to data released by Reyes' office, Dayton's homicides -- city population 141,527 -- totaled 35 in 2010. Data indicates that in 2010, Texas' four major border cities -- El Paso, Laredo, Brownsville and McAllen -- totaled 26 homicides, according to the data. You can read the complete crime comparison Here.

Not that being confronted with facts will slow down the rhetoric, but I LOVE it!

But on to more important stuff! There are a few events coming up you should remember to put on your calendar. First up: Marina Fest 2011. You don't have much time to prepare for this one because the dates are May 28 through June 1. If you've never attended the Marine Festival, then you've been missing out! This is a GREAT annual event for the whole family, with many things to enjoy. There will be music, dancing, a carnival with amusement rides, fireworks, lots and lots of food, the crowning of a festival queen and much more.

Come for one day, a weekend or the whole event! You won’t be disappointed. And did I mention it's FREE?

Coming up in June:

JUNE 1-5: 2nd Annual Rocky Point Fun Run. The question was an obvious one: "Why the heck should we wait until November to have a Bike Rally?" and the answer was even more obvious... "No reason whatsoever!" So, in a perfect example of great minds thinking alike, the Rocky Point business community has banded together to bring you... The 2nd Annual Rocky Point Fun Run.

The Rocky Point Fun Run promises to have it all: a Poker Run, Parade, Contests, Specials, and of course lots of loud music, hot bikes and hotter women... or was that hot women and hotter bikes? Either way, plan to come down on June 1-5 for a rousing good time!

JUNE 9-12: Tent Surf 2011. TentSurf is an annual camping extravaganza that gives you 4 days and 3 nights on Sandy Beach, providing travelers and locals a place to come together for music, culture and fun in the sun!

Wake up every morning to shake off the sand, walk over and jump into the 75 degree water of the Sea of Cortez. Rent a jet ski and explore the beaches of Mirador, Sandy Beach and Cholla bay. Cruise the Fish Market or many of the late night activities they have planned. Traveling into or leaving from Phoenix? Their organizers will guide their caravan down into Mexico. Camping will begin when they arrive and will end at sunset on June 12th.

Check out their website for more detailed information and links to getting a passport or passport ID.: http://www.TentSurf.com Do it NOW!

JUNE 11: Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers' annual concert on the Sea of Cortez the second week in June. The concert is on Saturday night, June 11, and you can buy tickets on line or at the show. www.azpeacemakers.com

Nineteen times RCPM have traveled south of the border, set up a stage and put on a rock-n-roll party they call Circus Mexicus. And 19 times you, the fans, have not disappointed. Now, Roger, Jim, PH and Nick are going to host their biggest and best Circus Mexicus fiesta ever. Grab your friends, caravan on down to Rocky Point and in just a few hours you can help kick off the summer season at the beach with hot music and cold beers!

And that's the Buzz on the Beach for today.

Peace out...

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