Monday, September 19, 2011

Watching the Tides in Rocky Point, Mexico

Here are a couple of lovely videos from Puerto Penasco, showing the ebb and flow of the tides. Really, they're grrrrEAT! Wouldn't you like to be there???

First up a 30-second timelapse of "stars and clouds zooming by in the middle of the night from our view at the Penasco del Sol hotel in Puerto Penasco...", and toward the end the ebb of the tide is amazing. (You can see Sandy Beach in the background in both videos.) Video courtesy of rejuvesite:

This second video, also from rejuvesite, is a different view from the Penasco del Sol shot during the daytime. Whew! The speed is dizzying in this one!!! Watch all the people chasing it!

Ahhhh.... Ain't it just the bees' knees?

If you have a video or some photos of Penasco to share send them in (or direct me to their current online home and I'll snag them!) Email:
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