Sunday, November 6, 2011

Trip Report: BigD Does Halloween in Puerto Penasco

--by BigD

I just got back from another perfect trip to Puerto Penasco. 5 night/6 day stay; Oct. 30,31 & Nov. 1,2,3.

I was amazed and amused by the Halloween parties in Mirador. The Icebox Bar by far had the largest and best Halloween party. I was very impressed at the local young Mexican crowd, everyone dressed up and having a great time. I figure there were over 500 people in the bar alone. Another 300 or so milling around outside and across the street at the empty lot next to Manny's. The party lasted until 5:00 am that Saturday night.

Just down the street it was all the local gringos at Pinky's Dive Bar. Free food, blackjack tables ("fun" cash only), music, and lots of dressed up partiers! Great crowds at both bars. Kind of different than the normal crickets chirping at all the restaurants and bars lately.

Sunday night Oct. 31st, it was "Tricky-tricky Halloweeny" in Choya bay with my girlfriend and her two daughters, they are Mexican. I laughed and tried to tell the girls than it was Trick or Treat - not tricky tricky Halloweeny! But what are you gonna do? It's Mexico.

Again I was pleasantly supprised at the turnout of both kids and gringos handing out candy. Kind of funny how American traditions cross borders. How Cinco de Mayo means little in Mexico, but in the U.S. it's a day to drink. Also kind of like St. Patrick's day - green beer! Not real holidays, but excuses to party and have a good time.

The next three days were typical. Sunny, warm, great for hanging at the beach and then heading out for the evening to bar hop and hit a restaurant for dinner with friends.

My preference in the Malecon is Sr. Amigos - Filet w/mushroom sauce & fried shimp, with sides of broccoli/carrots & fried rice. On Calle 13 there are a couple of great places for pork tacos. Tacos Brissa for carne asada tacos are the best in town - I believe it's at the corner of Melchor Ocampo & Sinaloa. It's easy to find. At the huge green sign of Guadalupana turn east then on your right hand side just before the OXXO, Brissa's Tacos are before the light across from the OXXO on your right hand/south side.

Of course then there is the gringo favorite also in Mirador - Al Capone's. I've eaten pizza all over the country and the world and theirs is comparable to the best. Of course there are many, other fine restaurants and places to eat.

Tuesday night was billiards at Evolution 13 - Luis Encinas & NoReelection. Two-for-one drinks - both beer and alcohol. I was doing 2-for-1 tequila shots and my friends were doing 2-for-1 beers. They have 4 great pool tables. They also serve food. A great place for locals and gringos alike.

And that's it for my latest trip report!


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