Wednesday, January 25, 2012

BigD Took the Next Step in Rocky Point!

--by BigD

Well, I finally did it! After 4 years of staying in condos, hotels, and friends places -- I got my own place!

Found a really nice 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo 1 block from Sandy Beach! $2,500 pesos per month, only electric to pay for, which from what I was told is about $300 pesos per month.

For the gringos, at the current exchange rate 2,500 pesos is $198.00 dollars! It's a second floor with a very large balcony. I don't actually have a view of the beach, because there is a giant sand dune in the way, but 600 feet and I'm swimming! This condo is nicer than most non-gringo places. A/C, hot water, gas, cable -- all included. I just got really lucky. Plus my amigos in Rocky Point have helped me a lot. I can't say enough, how important it is to meet the locals and make some new friends.

Now it's twice a month trips to the land of sun and fun! Hopefully I can get into a routine and work here in Phoenix 4 days a week and go down 3 days. Might take a year or so, but I think I can do it.

Oh, for those who just have to have chicken wings -- Rick's Wings, coming into town it's on the main drag, Benito Juarez, on the left side a bit north in town. Rick's Wings has the hottest, best tasting wings I've found so far. I'm kind of a wing connoisseur so it's not just the heat, it's also taste. Most places just use standard wing sauce but Rick's puts something special in their extra hot wings. So those are the ones I recommend. They have other sauces, but again, I'm a sucker for really good spicy wings.

Next time I'll try to get the cross street for Rick's wings. Plus next report, I found places to shop for everyday items you might have forgotten back home and you're freaking out, 'cause you need something.

Don't just go to the Circle K's and OXXO's and pay the inflated prices. Not just the big Mexican Walmart - Bodega Aurrera either. Try Numeros, which is closer to Mirador, and a few other places as well. So you don't have to travel way out when you're in town looking for stuff. I actually bought a nice beach umbrella at Numeros recently. Way better than a shade tent and easier to lug to the beach and back.

BigD - signing off! Have a cold cervesa and a shot of tequila and just relax!
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