Sunday, February 19, 2012

Holiday Systems International CEO Craig Morganson Speaks Out Against Mexico Travel Warning

Craig Morganson, CEO of Holiday Systems International, is waging an ongoing fight to have the Mexico Travel Warning downgraded and reworded.

Morganson, who is an active proponent of clearing up the misinformation about the situation in Mexico, stated that he has presented a brief to U.S. Government leaders regarding the inappropriateness of the Travel Warning against Mexico and the status is being reviewed.

HSI was founded in 1993 by President and CEO, Craig Morganson, a recognized leader in the travel & tourism industry. HSI is a Vacation Ownership service company providing a wide variety of exclusive benefits to a niche market of select international clientele.

When asked about why he is involved in this and what his goals were, Morganson said, "The U.S. is currently struggling to recover from the worst economy in my lifetime. Travel and tourism is a big part of our global economy. The long-term economic damage caused by the U.S. Travel Warning against Mexico is greater than the benefits derived from the Warning."

Mexico is the number one vacation destination for U.S. citizens and the warnings have caused U.S. businesses to experience significant reductions in revenue. It also continues to deprive Mexico of income and tax revenue.

In addition to authoring the abovementioned brief, Morganson has organized an alliance with the Mexico Image Committee comprised of U.S. and Mexican business owners and government officials to help bring awareness to this issue globally. Along with the Mexico Image Committee, he has secured the interest and funding for a credible independent study commissioned to evaluate the appropriateness of this Travel Warning.

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