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Monday, June 15, 2009

2008 was a tough year for Tourism in Rocky Point

Press Release written by Steve Schwab
Monday, 15 June 2009

2008 was a difficult year for Puerto Penasco, Mexico in the area of tourism as 250,000 fewer visitors made there way to the area compared to the year before. This decreased represents a drop of at least 16% and had a domino affect throughout the city, reports Rafael Gonzalez Valenzuela, Director of the City Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV).

The OCV Director stated that, according to report from the port of entry in Lukeville, Arizona, which is the principal port accessing Penasco, they registered nearly 1.3 million foreigners passing through, when compared to 1.55 million in 2007.

He indicated in the area of national tourism the situation was a bit different, as the numbers of visitors in this realm was maintained at nearly 1.75 million. Nevertheless, this phenomenon was not sufficient to reverse the negative impact of the drop in foreign tourism.

Gonzalez Valenzuela explained in the area of hotel occupancy, 2008 ended with an average of 43%, compared to 58% from the previous year, reflecting a 15 point drop.

Based on this, he added, the final evaluation highlight for 2008 was generally a poor year for Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point).

Among expectations for 2009, which is sure to be a complicated year and one in which it will be difficult for the situation to improve, they are still anticipating results from the intensive campaign to be carried out in California following the opening up of the coastal highway.

Gonzalez Valenzuela stated they have not done a full evaluation concerning the negative economic impact due to the drop in foreign tourism, but undoubtedly this has taken its toll on practically all service providers and businesses in the city.

The OCV Director remarked that based on this, the task is to strengthen promotional campaigns in order to promote the area in any way possible, given that the economic crisis is likely to last through 2009.

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