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Medical Care Information for Rocky Point, MX

I got an email the other day asking about hospitals and other medical care in Rocky Point, so I thought I'd better get off my lazy bum and put some info together about the subject. I hope this will be helpful...

Mexico/Rocky Point does have emergency response offices similar to "911" in the USA. It is my understanding that you will need to have a Mexican phone to use this, however, and do note that all cellphones purchased in Mexico must be registered with the Federal government.

For the equivalent of dialing "911", in Mexico you will dial "066".

Important Rocky Point Phone Numbers
If you are calling from the USA, the prefix for Rocky Point is 011-52-638-(xxx-xxxx) Keep the following numbers handy, because you just never know when you might need them.
  • Rocky Point Police 383-2626
  • Rocky Point Fire Department 383-2828
  • Rocky Point Red Cross 383-2266
  • Ajo Community Health Center 520-387-5651
  • AirEvac 95-880-321-9522.
  • Santa Fe Clinic 383-2447
For minor injuries or medical issues, or for stabilizing your condition in a more dire emergency, there are local doctors, clinics and hospitals in Puerto Penasco that are very good at taking care of you. For very serious emergencies, once you have been stabilized you will need to be transported to a hospital in Arizona or to one of Hermosillo's fine hospitals. Transportation to the Arizona border can be arranged by the Red Cross via ambulance, or by air evacuation.

Note that health care in Mexico is so inexpensive, roughly costing a third of U.S. care, that most expatriates pay for it out-of-pocket. Do not equate the cost with quality, as medical personnel in Rocky Point are very professional. And a very special bonus is that Mexican doctors still make house calls!!!

Santa Fe General Hospital/Clinic: The Santa Fe Clinic serves as the prime emergency care facility in town, in conjunction with the local Red Cross (across from the town hall). This clinic is well equipped, with EKG and Ultra Sound equipment. (Of course they also have X-ray, etc.) If emergency air transportation is needed, the Santa Fe Clinic will handle all of the arrangements. Phone: # 383-2447.

How to Get There: To get to the clinic go north on Benito Juarez (the main blvd.) and make a right at the 2nd stop light (Simon Morua). The clinic will be on your left before the church. The clinic is staffed by nurses and medical doctors 24-hours per day.

You can call the Red Cross (383-2266) for an ambulance, but this could take considerable time so if possible it's better to get to the clinic on your own.

Air Evacuation
If it is determined while at the clinic that you need emergency transportation to the USA, the company usually recommended for air evacuation is AirEvac. AirEvac has full medical facilities aboard each aircraft, and has an excellent working relationship with the Santa Fe Clinic and the authorities at the Puerto Peñasco Airport. Phone: 95-880-321-9522.

Information Needed for Air Evacuation: You/AirEvac will need to provide specific information for clearance through customs, so it's a good idea to have it already prepared to avoid having to do it while you are stressed out by a medical emergency. Information that will be requested will include:
  • Patient and names of individuals flying back
  • valid identification
  • birthdate & nationality
  • medical diagnosis
  • list of current medications
  • known medical allergies
  • destination
  • physician and insurance carrier

It is highly recommended that you contact your personal physician and insurance carrier as soon as possible. The phone number for AirEvac is 95-880-321-9522.

Clinica San Jorge, another modern and efficient medical facility, also provides air and land ambulance Service. You can read a nice review of their services during a medical emergency at Rocky Point Talk by clicking here.
Located on Blvd. Benito Juarez, Phone 383-5121 or 383-1521

The One-Stop Medical Clinic, on Fremont Boulevard at Fremont Plaza, advertises itself as the first and only American style medical clinic in Rocky Point. They offer full service medical care including diagnosis and treatment, CT-scans, x-rays and ultrasounds, etc. Walk-ins welcome & English is spoken. They also offer Medical Insurance, with plans covering daily, short-term housing rental (all parties), annual, business & family plans available. It is open Mon-Fri from 8-6pm and Sat-Sun from 10-2pm. However, medical care is available 24 hours with the doctor on call. Phone 383-4422

Other Facilities (Open 24 Hours)

Community Hospital - Centro de Salud
Juan de la Barrera, Phone 383-2110

IMSS Social Security Hospital
Juan de la Barrera and N. Bravo, Phone 383-2777

Red Cross (Cruz Roja)
Blvd. Fremont, Phone 383-2266

Clinica Santa Maria
Niños Heroes - 383-2440

Maternity Clinics:

Santa Isabel Clinic & Maternity
Lázaro Cárdenas & Cuauhtémoc, Phone 383-3645
Hours: Mon - Sat 10:00 am - 1:00 pm 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Santa Maria Clinic
21 Niños Heroes, Phone 383-2440


Liberty Chiropractic & Health
Blvd. Benito Juarez Boulevard (Behind the Cirlce K - Pemex) - 383-4032
Hours: Tues - Fri 9:00 am - 5:30 pm; Sat 9:30 am - 2:30 pm

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