Monday, December 5, 2011

Beach Buzz

Here are just a couple of things you might want to know. Or not. :)

HEADS UP! If you're in town, Pinky's Dive Bar is having a Pearl Harbor Day Charity Night on Wednesday, December 7th to remember our fallen men and women of that catastrophic day. They will be having a blanket and ball drive to help the less fortunate. Blackjack tables with Pinky money to auction off prizes in the evening. Bring a blanket for the needy, or a ball for a child and receive 2500 Pinky dollars, and 5000 Pinky dollars can be purchased for $10. Plenty of food will be provided. Come and help us help the community while enjoying the company of like hearted friends!

On a less uplifting topic, I'm going to address the issue of unscooped poo. That's right! You dog owners who are allowing your fur friends to poo on the beach or in other areas where humans hang out and then don't clean up the mess are on my black list. (Yes, I mean YOU! Next time I'll take a picture!) :(

It's gross enough just seeing it lying around, much less when someone accidentally steps in it. And children play on those beaches for gawd's sake!

But worse, it's actually a health hazard. You've probably not thought of it in this way, but doggie poo is raw sewage just as much as people poo is! For one, pet poo carries bacteria, viruses and parasites into waterways (such as estuaries and the ocean) that can cause infections such as giardia and E. coli. More indirectly, the poop also releases nutrients into the water that can feed algae, kill marine life, contaminate beaches and send unlucky swimmers home with bouts of diarrhea or hives--- which they are then likely to blame on drinking the water in Mexico.

And besides, irresponsible pet owners make it harder for the rest of us when it comes to finding pet friendly places to live/visit.

Carry a baggie with you for heaven's sake and keep the sewage off the beaches. Just because you're in Mexico doesn't mean you've abdicated your moral responsibility to the rest of the world.

Scoop that poop!

On a lighter note, I'll leave you with a short, lovely video from TwoPesos, who shot this on Dec. 3 from the Malecon at sunset after a storm that hit Penasco earlier in the day. Shrimp boats and sunset in Puerto Penasco. Lovely!

And that's the Buzz on the Beach for today.

Peace out...

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