Friday, December 2, 2011

No ‘Esmoking’ en Peñasco!

-by El Gitano Peñasco, "The Peñasco Gypsy"

I've always liked the former Plaza Las Glorias, which of course is now the Hotel Peñasco Del Sol. But something happened that sort of changed my opinion this week while I was on their website checking rates, etc. for some friends (and their friends) coming here all the way from Oklahoma for a two-week vacation.

First, considering the times, the market, etc. I thought the quoted rate was excessive. Then as I was preparing to call my Amigo and tell him the costs for the hotel I had recommended I noticed on the front page of the hotel website, in very small fonts: "The property is Non-Smoking".

That caused me to pause because I wasn’t sure if there were any esmokers in the group. And if there were, that apparently means since there is no esmoking allowed anywhere on the “property” I assume that includes all the common areas such as the parking lot, etc. and they may not want to vacation at that hotel.

Then I read guests can "Indulge in world-class relaxation and comfort" but that "High-speed Internet access" is "available in the lobby and pool area only". And as a consolation, I suppose, at the bottom of the page the hotel informs their potential guests they will enjoy "sugar-white sands", apparently, at the “property” (LOL).

I’m not going to argue for esmokers rights or that there are tens of millions of tourists from just N. America who do in fact travel, vacation, spend gobs of money that creates jobs, pours money into local tax coffers and smoke while on vacation and if Peñasco Del Sol wants to ban these money-spending happy-go-lucky travelers from their “property” that is, for today, their business!

But no ‘wireless’ in those “world-class” suites. Are you kidding me? That corporate decision, for whatever reason, goes way beyond the pale and what my friends (and their friends) would have spent for their suites, at the restaurant, the bar, etc. during their two-week stay would have surely been several thousands of dollars. And that alone would have paid back the property's modest investment in making wireless available in those suites.

So here is an ‘idea’ for the 'property'. Calculate your RevPAR and ADR, etc. over the next 12 months. Then, look at your website stats and compare how many visitors you’ve had Vs how many actually booked suites. Then, look at all those empty “world-class” suites on hand each day/week/month and ask yourself what you might consider doing to sell (rent) a couple more of ‘em.

And if you need any ideas drop El Gitano a line and I’ll gladly share some thoughts.

A Gypsy can always dream!

¡Viva Puerto Peñasco y México!

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