Monday, December 26, 2011

A Great Alternative for Breakfast in Rocky Point

--by BigD

I love it! The more time I spend in Rocky Point the more local friends I meet. The more little secrets I find.

Now I love Mexican food - real mexican food. Mom & Pop places. You've seen em. Maybe a stall, or back of a pickup truck, or just an outdoor eatery area. With maybe a couple of plastic chairs and tables set up.

My rule of thumb for eating in Rocky Point is no matter how small and dumpy the place looks, when you see it crowded with locals, it's usually a great cheap place to eat! But it also helps to make friends who know the town. Those little hidden gems you drive by or are tucked away and you'd never stop because as a Gringo, you just don't see them. You're gonna go for the fancy restaurants in the Malecon, Whale Hill, or out at the resorts. You have no idea that you're missing the best food in Rocky Point, by passing up all those little places!
I just got back from another stay, just before Christmas. After an evening of cervesas and tequila, my friend Jorge said he wanted some breakfast. Feeling a little delicate, I said sure.

So instead of heading out for a typical Gringo breakfast of eggs and bacon, he showed me this little place called La Bagra. It's located at the very south end of Constitution Ave.

The best way to find it is to take the main street/Benito Juarez just south of the big multiple green sign/walkway at Calle 13 - the next street south of that is Alvaro Obregon. Turn east (which is the only way you can go). The very next street is Constitution Ave. Turn right (south). You can't go far as Constitution ends the very next block. But on your right you will see, tucked away between a tire shop and some shipping containers, a more or less permanent place called La Bagra. It does have a half hidden sign.

The place is run by a family: Letty, and her brother, father, and a couple of her kids.

They serve only one thing: An awesome seafood soup, totally made fresh every morning. The soup is actually in two parts. The base or soup is light tangy watery tomato, which is poured boiling over a large helping of seasoned diced fish, calamari, crab, and shrimp. Plenty of onions, garlic, carrots, peas and other stuff included. My friend Jorge assured me that the locals use this place for a cure for hangovers.

Well you can order the soup in cups or bowls. I had a bowl - second helpings are usually offered. There's sides of corn chips, tortillas, or crackers. Homemade picante or a habenero/soy sauce for the soup. I found it to be a welcome change to normal breakfast. Oh, coffee or soda to drink. You can bring your own, but the coffee is excellent. It's all outdoors, so this time of year it's a bit chilly in the morning. But the soup is piping hot and extremely delicious. You can also get litre cups to go.

They are open 8am to 1pm.

As a Gringo, you would never know the place was there unless you were shown by a local. I make it a point to eat at a new local spot every time I go down. Some are good, but La Bagra's was GREAT!

Help out the locals. Believe it or not, I have never been sick in Rocky Point. I even drink the water. The only thing as a rule anywhere in the world I do travel, even U.S.A., is I don't eat anything raw. Yes I catch grief because I won't eat Sushi or the Ceviche, but hey, if you want parasites, more power to ya. Plus if you see a crowd of locals, the place is usually pretty good and best of all cheap!

Happy New Years - BIGD
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