Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beauty of the Barrio San Rafael, Rocky Point/Puerto Penasco

This wonderful video, and the text accompanying it, comes to us courtesy of "TwoPesos", whose unceasing efforts to help the less fortunate in Puerto Penasco ought to be an inspiration for us all.

"If you notice the two young ladies at the beginning of the video, one in stripes and the other in the black tanktop they are Christy and Ruby, they are also the two pretty girls at the end of the video... these two young ladies do so much to organize this operation... this is their barrio, in fact we set up directly in front of their families homes and they are a BIG part of the Beauty of this barrio... Thanks for all your help Christy and Ruby...

"La Esperanza Para Nueva Vida A.C. community centers monthly Food Distribution in Barrio San Rafael, Rocky Point, Puerto Penasco, Mexico. on 4-14-2012... Special Thanks to Robert & Pam Martin, Harold & Kathy Tuttle and Shamrock Foods of Phoenix AZ. for the Donation of the Food We Shared Today..."

Visit La Esperanza Para Nueva Vida on Facebook.

See Charities & Volunteer Opportunities in Rocky Point to learn how you can help make life better for Puerto Penasco's people (and animals).

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