Thursday, May 31, 2012

In Which Anthony Bourdain Does Mexico Border Towns...

Several years ago, Travel Channel's chef, author and travel personality Anthony Bourdain (star of No Reservations) took a motorcycle trip along Mexico's border towns south of Texas to check out the food.

He started in Del Rio, Texas where he sampled PB's Bar and Grill due to its decor and Mexico-styled cuisine. From there he went into Nuevo Laredo, MX. where he explored the shopping area along the border, with all types of service of shopping needs. He paid special attention (humorously) to pharmaceutical drugs for less than half the price of what would be found in the U.S. and a leather goods shop, where he fondled the whips. Next Tony stopped by Piedras Negras (aka "the door to Mexico"). There he gorged out on a variety of foods at street carts, mourning the fact that most tourists are afraid to eat at such places. He was a very happy man.

And so the show progressed, to the point of this particular segment, where he did some off-roading then took a boat ride down the Rio Grande and discussed the border issues and the border fence that so many Americans still want to build along the entire Texas border.

You know, if you've ever watched his show, that this video will be both entertaining and educational. I mean, how can you not like a guy who drinks and smokes and eats his way all over the world? Watch the video...

No Reservations: US-Mexico Border, part 4 of 5

By the way, Bourdain has finally left the Travel Channel for a new gig on CNN where he will host a weekend show starting early next year.

His Sunday night CNN show will “examine cultures from around the world through their food and dining and travel rituals.”

Watch for it.

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