Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rocky Point Tourist and Visitor Assistance Office Enters 4th Year of Providing all Types of Assistance to Visitors

Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico (May 29, 2012) --- With tourism to Rocky Point, Mexico on the rebound the Rocky Point TVA Office has entered into its 4th year of providing excellent service to visitors to Rocky Point.

For over 3 years, Rosie Glover has had the pleasure of being at the helm of the TOURISM & VISITOR ASSISTANCE (TVA) office in Rocky Point, Sonora, Mexico. Since its inception in 2009, when a group of business owners decided to creatively counteract negative press about Mexico in the U.S, the TVA has assisted thousands of vacationers in Rocky Point. It was and remains an invaluable service, based on giving every visitor to the community a friend they can call at any hour if they have any problem whatsoever. The assistance offered is available in English and is free of charge.

The office itself operates as any tourism office would. Free brochures, business cards, and discounts along with general tourist information are made available to anyone who visits, as are International phone calls, faxes, internet access and email.

Among the specific services provided, the TVA recommends hotels, restaurants and other services. They will even help visitors to find musicians to play at beachfront weddings, act as a lost and found (even helping to return lost wallets to their grateful owners). TVA volunteers are familiar with how to provide assistance in situations of a much more serious nature, too, such as working with the local authorities in the event of incidents where a foreigner must interact with the authorities. For instance, when foreigners are seriously injured or die in car or ATV accidents, the TVA will help the family work with the district attorney’s office, the hospital or the jail.

It takes more than language skills to be an interpreter for someone who has a legal problems, and the TVA does a fine job of balancing the respect due to the public officials in Mexico along with the system in place in Mexico, and the needs of the tourist and his or her family members.

According to Rosie Glover, the Director of the TVA, "I’ve been asked whether those late-night phone calls bother us. I think we'd be more bothered by the thought of someone needing help and not having it. I’ve also been asked what others can do to help. That’s easy… get the word out. Let everyone know that the people of Rocky Point care enough about our visitors to look after them and help them if they should need it".

The TVA office is located in the Tequila Factory building, on the 2nd floor, Suite 202. From the US dial 602.773.1031 or 638.388.6624 in Mexico. For emergencies, call 638.386.9081 or email rosie@proalliance.com.mx. Tourists planning to visit Rocky Point can also find useful information about visiting Rocky Point on the website, http://www.proalliance.com.mx.

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